Thursday, July 24, 2008

Choosing and Cooking Fresh Healthy Fish

You can tell that fish is fresh when the flesh holds together and has some resistance when pressed lightly. Stay away from fish with dull flesh tones, or from fish that has a strong smell because that could mean that the fish is going bad. While most fish has a slight smell, if the odor is very strong and pungent, then that might be a sign that the fish is no longer fresh.

Cooking tips to help get rid of "fishy" smell:

To help get rid of the slight fishy smell when preparing your fish, you can use lemon juice on the fish before you cook it, or just before you serve it. It is best to cook the fish as soon as you buy it. Try not to keep the fish in the refrigerator too long, or freeze it for more than two weeks, so as to maintain the freshness of the fish, as well as to retain the quality of the fish meat.

Cooking methods can also play an important role in reducing the "fishy" smell. Steaming the fish tends to bring out the smell and flavor of the fish more than any other cooking methods. Steaming also uses less spices and marinades. So if the smell bothers you, choose another cooking method apart from steaming. Cooking methods like grilling uses more spices and ingredients, and the smoky aroma will help cover the "fishy" smell.

Cooking fish is relatively easy because the meat cooks fast. It is important though to be sure that you do not overcook the meat. So be sure to consider the thickness of the fish meat before you set the cooking time. If you are baking fish, remember that fish can become overcooked even after you have turned off the oven! Better that you do not leave cooked fish dishes in the oven.

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