Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holiday Season Drinking Tips

Don't Waste Calories on Drinks

The average alcoholic drink conatins 150-200 calories per glass. If you indulge in 2-3 glasses of alcohol that would mean that you have drunk the equivalent number of calories for an entire meal!

Beware of calories in sugar. Sometimes we do not realize that when we add sugar to our iced tea or coffee, we are putting extra (and un-needed) calories into our body. When you order fruit juice, make sure that it is fresh with no added sugars.

If you have to order soft drinks, then at least choose diet soft drinks to avoid drinking all those extra calories from the sugar.

Click on the articles below to read tips on how to develop a moderate approach that will help you find a balance between staying fit and enjoying yourself on holiday. Just because you are having fun, it does not mean that you have to pack on extra pounds! Have a wonderful holiday season.

Have Fun This Holiday Season Without Picking Up Extra Pounds

Holiday Eating Tips

Holiday Exercise Tips

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