Monday, July 21, 2008

Holiday Season Healthy Eating Tips

Eating Healthy and in Moderation

Make sure that you eat normally before a party. If the party is in the evening, eat breakfast, lunch and a snack before leaving your hotel or home. Do not starve yourself all day long attempting to save up all your calories for the party. You will be famished by the time the party begings and tend to overeat. If you eat normally, you probably will find that you are not tempted to go overboard and you will be able to control yourself at the party.

At the party, you should start by eating some of the healthy offerings. For example, choose vegetable sticks or fruits. If you fill your stomach up with hralthy foods, you will be less likely to binge on other fattening foods.

It can be tempting to eat everything on the table, when presented with a variety of options. Instead of eating a large slice of cake, for instance, you can select a small sampling of bite-sized portions of several desserts or appetizers. This way you can try a variety of foods without overeating, and stuffing yourself.

ALso, remember that you do not have to force yourself to finish everything on your plate. If you feel full, stop eating!

Click on the other articles below to read tips on how to develop a moderate approach that will help you find a balance between staying fit and enjoying yourself on holiday. Just because you are having fun, it does not mean that you have to pack on extra pounds! Have a wonderful holiday season.

Have Fun This Holiday Season Without Picking Up Extra Pounds

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