Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8 Ways To Healthy Bones and Joints

1) Do regular aerobic exercises, such as swimming, jogging or brisk walking. They will increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

2) When lifting something heavy, hold it close to your body, keep your back straight and bend at the knees. This reduces the strain on your back.

3) For pregnant women, try to squat instead of bending. The body's centre of gravity is then less likely to shift, putting less stress on the back.

4) Let your hands rest for 15 minutes after 90 minutes of repetitive movement such as tying or playing racquet games. This decreases the inflammation of the muscles attached to the elbow.

5) Eat food containing calcium, such as beancurd, eggs and milk. Calcium helps to strengthen the bones.

6) Get out in the sun. Exposure to sunlight allows the skin to manufacture natural vitamin D, which allows calcium in the gut to be absorbed.

7) Quit smoking, which lowers the level of oestrogen, a hormone that retains calcium in the bones.

8) Avoid lifting a child with one arm from the wrist only. It could result in partial dislocation of the elbow joint.

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