Monday, August 18, 2008

Exercise Tips: Dynamic and Static Streches

Static Lower Back and Hip Stretch

A typical stretch for the lower back and hip would involve lying with back and arms flat on the ground, with one leg straight and the other across the body, holding the stretch for 30 seconds to a minute. That is static.

Dynamic Lower Back and Hip Stretch

The dynamic stretch for the lower back and hip is similar in terms of form, but looks more like a can-can dance. Each leg is gently kicked across the body alternately, held for two seconds, before returning to its original position. This is done for eight to 10 repetitions.

Static Hamstring Stretch

These stretch the back thigh muscles. Raise one leg on a ledge, so that your knee is bent at about 120 degrees. The other leg should be straight and grounded. Body should be upright. Lean forward until you just feel the pull on the back thigh of the raised leg. Hold, relaxed, for about 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

Lie face-up on the ground. Bring both legs up and over your head, rocking back gently. Using the momentum, bring both legs down to the original position as you sit up and reach forward for your right foot with your left arm. Repeat for eight to 10 reps with increasing speed, alternating arm and foot.

Static Quadriceps Stretch

These stretch the front thigh muscles. Hold a rail or pole for support. Lift one leg behind your body and grasp it by the forefoot. Your heel should be away from your bum and your knee pushed back. Keep body upright. Hold for 30 seconds in a relaxed manner, then repeat with other leg.

Dynamic Quadricep Stretch

Do the same as in the static stretch, but hold each leg only for two seconds before releasing, alternating at an increasing speed for eight to 10 reps.

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