Saturday, December 20, 2008

Healthy Eating Tips During the Christmas and Holiday Season

Keeping healthy at Christmas and the New Year does not mean abstaining completely from goodies and drinks. Here are some creative ways to have your your Christmas log cake, or fruitcake and eat it too!

1) Watch your portion sizes
Rather than eat one large slice of cake, select bite-size pieces of several offerings. That way you can try different foods without overeating.

2) Make sure that the food on offer is not excessive
Amounts that you serve should not be excesive. If you are preparing food, do not over do it. And if you are catering food, do not over-order.

3) Eat with friends and family
When you eat with company, people tend to have better manners, which helps to prevent overeating as they are occupied with talking as well.

4) Shop smart
When hitting the streets to shop or run erands, keeping a supply of healthy bites on hand means you will not be tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.

5) Avoid fatty foods
Rich desserts and fatty meat make the digestive system toil harder. So enjoy the turkey but make sure you do not eat the skin!

6) Drink diluted portions of alcohol
Mixing half a glass of wine with sparkling water or with diet cola will help cut your calorie and alcohol intake in half.

7) Prepare food with less salt, fat or sugar
For instance, you can try preparing dips with fat-free sour cream or non-fat yogurt instead of creamy dressings.

8) Don't drink only alcoholic drinks
Alternating a non-alcoholic drink with an alcoholic drink may limit the overall alcohol consumption.

9) Use a smaller plate
This helps you from piling on too much food on the plate. Also eat slowly.

10) Do not overeat every day of the season
One or two days of overindulging may be all right, but a month of festive eating will certainly lead to weight gain.

11) Cut down on caffeinated drinks
This will help to prevent heartburn symptoms. Cola and coffee increase the reflux of the stomach acid into the oesophagus.

12) Avoid going to be with a full stomach
Stay up for a few hours after a meal, to give yourself time to digest your food.

13) Eat regular meals throughout the day
Starving all day in anticipation of a party or big meal will affect blood sugar and lead to the temptation to binge.

14) All is still not lost if you have overeaten
You can get rid of the excess calories by exercising and making sure that your next few meals are lighter.

15) Eat a light and healthy snack just before a party
Turning up hungry will lead to excessive eating.

Happy Holidays :)

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